No bells, no whistles, just style. This is a hairstyle for big forehead male which is styled in a pompadour with the sides faded and a noticeable parting on one side. Me and my brother were debating this. I'm sure you're fine :). Robert Pattinson has a large forehead and he is still sexy as ever!! I have a big forehead bigger dan this,it makes me feel sad,insecured n ugly. I don't know why but I have never hated having it. Big foreheads are a blessing! Casual and funky; The best suitable hairstyles for big foreheads are the really casual and cool ones. I tell you what when you are as talented, or rich, or beautifal as these people you get back to me. Favorite Answer-Christian Slater.-Jennifer Gardner. SuperNurse42. 26 Celebrities Who Prove That Fiveheads Make You Beautiful Foreheads are so passé. It is a fact that biologically women with big foreheads are more attractive and is a desirable characteristic for men. Dive on in! I know for a fact it's bigger than mosr of those people in this list. This is an amazing casual, low-fuss and funky hairstyle for guys who have big and broad foreheads. Don't worry! How do you think about the answers? Women who do not find big, high or wide foreheads aesthetically pleasing, there are a couple of ways you can hide it. Movies. Please read on and be well-informed. And i sometimes try hiding it with my fringe or a band. its just a damn forehead, come on girls and boys lets embrace it more! What is it about stupid Americans and their dislike of big foreheads? 31 Celebrity Bulges That Went Hard In 2015. A big forehead can be something that some men are sensitive about. most of these people are gorgeous!! ANSWER 0 Mastodon ANSWERS: 10. 63. For men, smaller foreheads are generally preferred. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Here is the List of Hairstyles for big forehead. While you should always consider your face shape when choosing a cut and style, a large forehead doesn’t need to limit your choices. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The slight Mohawk effect compliments the prominent facial structure of men. 1 decade ago. This simple fringe style covers a large forehead while keeping the hair short all around, and it works especially well with thick hair. whats wrong with big foreheads??? Next time you see a baby, you'll notice it. A big forehead can be a pain sometimes because no matter how you style your hair, you inevitably end up looking half bald. It’s the same length as her nose. But you know what I do find? HAIRSTYLES FOR BIG FOREHEADS. Some of these foreheads really aren't that big. Take Action Now. Male haircuts for big foreheads have always troubled men from around the world. People with small foreheads equals stupid, like neanderthals. People saying that if you have a long face OR a big forehead then your not pretty... but what about the people who have both? Who else thinks Ken Jennings should be the next Jeopardy host? It's part of what makes it cute. By Nemo-desu, June 12, 2014 in Celebrity Photos. i have a big forehead & i hate it, it makes me feel ugly. Like a widow’s […] In this article we cover all the best techniques for big foreheads.Also Read: Male Hairstyles for Big Heads, Male hairstyles for big noses and Male hairstyles for balding I have lost count! It is also called 5-finger forehead, because it is too big. All you who are laughing about big foreheads disgust me. Check out these 14 mega celebrities with big foreheads and see for yourself. Fortunately, there are many haircuts for men with big foreheads that cover or hide this facial feature. I LOVE my forehead! Here’s a list of Kenyan celebrities with the biggest foreheads. Etc. Rick Malambri Actor | Step Up 3D Robin. 9 Answers. If you don't post comments for 7 days, they both are reset. •    No swearing words in comments, otherwise such comments will be censored. Self love and attitude - that's what it's all about. Anonymous. Why do most celebrities live in California? Celebrities with big foreheads (20 pics) Posted in CELEBS 24 Sep 2009 406568 51. I am sooo insecure about my looks, but now I feel way worse, since all of those pictures aren't nearly as bad as me.... you guys are so pathetic. Here are our favorite hairstyles for men with big foreheads: 1 / 26. Their forehead may appear bigger than most as their hairline may appear to be pushed back. You can sign in to vote the answer. ... Every woman get's soaking wet (and not because it's raining if you know what i'm saying) by this little (or rather big) MANCANDY. Who are some male celebs with high hairlines and big foreheads..? The stunning 38-year-old actress shared the big news via Twitter and Facebook uploading some behind-the-scenes photos from her first shooting. even worst, by laughing. ... 21 Stars with Especially Big Penises by Hilton Hater at April 16, 2015 2:33 pm. They mean you have a very creative personality, ever notice how little kids and babies have foreheads like that? i have a big forehead and i love it i dont care what people think of am perfect the way I Am, <__