I just set the spring and seat on the little hole and placed the stem back on. So here I am mopping up my mess and I find the spring but no seat which suddenly I realize what I saw in the tub. Chris, I’ve run into the same issue. The apartment plumbing is so old and rotten that turning the under-sink valves all the way off still leaves a trickle flow into the seat where the seal/spring/stem goes. I see a tool called a cartridge remover or puller but it specifies that it is for Moen cartridges. Thanks Powell for sharing your great tip!! Hi Guys, I’ve fixed a leaky faucet in my bathroom and it worked wonderfully so I then tried to fix a leaky drip in my Delta Roman tub. Shop faucet repair kits & components and a variety of plumbing products online at Lowes.com. Thanks for the tutorial, I have fixed my leak using a cartridge from the same faucet that I had in another bathroom that I replaced though still good. One thing I like to do is put the spring down in the hole then add the seat. So this is one clue that the stem wasn’t fitting correctly. Thanks. Yes it does. Hmmm, send me a picture Le of your setup. Please let us all know which faucet you choose over on prettyhandygirl.com . Tried needle nose pliers etc. I have been dealing with a leaky kitchen faucet. I bet you’ll see the faucet work properly after that . I’m trying to replace the stems in my delta kitchen faucet, the springs are stuck! Thanks Alan for your question. I had the exact same situation Susan. I don’t want the same faucets anyway, they are really out of date and I never did like them. So off to the lumberyard to get a new repair kit. I loosened up the faucet and pulled it up from the sink( I didn’t disconnect the water). The water pipes on faucet come out of the faucet under sink and these connect to the house supply lines. I have a older delta bathroom faucet system but it uses the same cartridge and stem and rubber gasket and spring in your original video. If the tapered end of the spring faces downward into the faucet and you place the rubber seat over it your faucet will leak regardless of how the cartridge is positioned. I am so excited I fixed this myself. Delta® faucets with DIAMOND™ Seal Technology perform like new for life with a patented design which reduces leak points, is less hassle to install and lasts twice as long as the industry standard. My delta bathroom faucet hot water does not have a set screw visablel. Off is at four oclock position. It is really loose. The seal and spring are as pictured, but the cartridge wont fit back down – I tried aligning the white tabs with the slots on the cartridge holder; tried pushing the cartridge down with a 12 pound weight, but it won’t go far enough in to allow the bonnet nut to engage. Most reputable companies’s faucets (Delta, Moen, etc) come with a lifetime warranty on the parts. Anything you can recommend for me to try? So now what. XO, Sorry to hear that you needed to replace your faucet. What kind of shower handle do you have (e.g. It was quick and simple. I shut off the water and cleaned it up. Any tips before I have to call a plumber to clean up this “easy fix”? Haven’t tried yet but I’m really hoping it works. There were no shut offs for the tub and at this point I knew better but I thought to myself is that but all that holds the cartridge in or can I remove it and the handles will fit and problem solved. Thanks John for letting me know. The stem blew out with everything else, which under pressure (pardon the pun) I couldn’t remember what was inside below cartridge. The faucet still drips. Screw the stem unit lock nut onto the faucet base and put the Delta faucet handle back in place. Learn how to change the faucet cartridge in your Delta sink. Run a bath or shower and the hot water will just turn itself on slightly. Help! Delta company wants me to send them the UPC number on the box or a receipt from the store. On the video you just pulled it right up and off. Can this be fixed or is it the nature of this design? We have turned it every way–180, 90, 360–but upside down. You can push the seat and spring down into the faucet until they don’t go any further. I cannot do this to save my life. Not sure if I don’t have the spring and washer all the way down? How old is your faucet? I followed your instructions exactly. Karen, would you mind sending me a picture of your handle? Any suggestions? I have ordered the sink faucets first and am waiting for them now. Today I think I just forced it so,hard I damaged the entire housing and I may have to put in a whole new faucet! Delta WaterSense labeled faucets use at least 20%... Kayra™ Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet. The Classic Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet from Delta Faucet's collection of Bath products offers the great looks and quality engineering that fit your lifestyle. One way to see if the cartridge is in the right way is to remove the other handle and compare the setup. I replaced the seats, springs, and cartridges in my bathroom delta sink which had a leak. Hey Mike- I had the same problem. Perhaps we can half shut off the water, but not completely. I tried to replicate the identical faucet assembly on the other side and everything looks right, but obviously I’m doing something wrong. Choose from contemporary to transitional and traditional faucet styles with finishes like matte black, stainless steel, polished nickel and more. Use your index finger to accomplish this job instead of something like the pliers so that the rubber seat doesn’t get ruined or torn. have a delta bath sink faucet with a swivel neck. I did not understand it’s use until I realized that in order to get the two faucets to rotate in the correct opposite directions, one had to add a plastic tooth to one of the cartridges (look carefully at the leaking one to see where you need to add that tooth in). Jodi. In the Delta Faucet Customer Service Center, get warranty information, register your product, find repair parts and instructions or contact a specialist. Your instructions are written at the user level. Is that why it’s not working right? This would have been a 5 minute fix but… How did you get the spring to stay in the seat ? As promised, here’s the video that walks you through this entire fix but you can also view the pictures below if you prefer that instead. * Actual pricing may vary and is determined by the selling retailer/wholesaler/dealer. I’m seriously considering this at my house!!! Before you do anything make sure the water is turned off to faucet. If the pressure is over 80 psi you can either adjust or replace your water pressure regulator or add one. To access the Delta faucet cartridge and seats & springs you’ll have to remove the faucet handle & body. Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial! I tried turning the cartridge 180 degrees but the it turns in from forward position to towards the faucet. I’ve followed this procedure on both handles and the faucet started leaking from the aerator again in about a week. We even switched hot and cold cartridges with the same result on the hot water side. Delta WaterSense labeled faucets, showers and toilets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard—saving you money without compromising performance. What was I waiting for. Enjoy our superb selection and work with the helpful experts at Carr Supply Inc I have not been able to find the replacement brass faucet for the sink anywhere. Delta sent a free replacement cartridge and I installed it. The right one gushes, lol. They recommended seat and springs. This tool costs $15 to $20 and helps you reach the nut without removing the sink. the set screw does not seem to want to “catch” onto the stem. The hot water heater is a fairly new 3 year old 50 gallon gas heated smart water heater. Turning the handle all the way counter clockwise to the stop gives cold water! It didn’t drip for a few weeks and then oh my gosh a stream was coming out… for several hours while I was out in the yard. I did this in three of my bathrooms. I saw your wonderful video but my handle just is not willing to come off after I removed the set screw. I don’t think I’ve ever replaced this stem–only the seat and spring. It was so easy to fix our drippy Delta faucet with this video! 2. I was able to fix my leaking aerator in 15 minutes and literally saved at least $150 by not phoning a plumber. I have made sure that the water is on under the sink, and have tried multiple aerator configurations with no success. This DIY video shows how to diagnose and easily repair a leak due to worn seat/spring or a bad cartridge. It does have a 1/4 turn stop that I’ve tried putting in both ways and still no luck. It’s a bit alarming when you see the faucet behave the way you did. We’ll figure it out together . Makes me feel “almost” handy. 2.) Free for the original owner WITH proof of purchase. I could use some guidance on this one. I just unscrewed it real softly set it to the side and like a rookie sat there and still was thinking I should turn the water off and at the same time looking at it thinking that is all that’s holding it down when catastrophe happened. Simply turn the cartridge 180 degrees and your faucet should work the right way. Thanks! Will that tool work for Delta cartridges as well? Do you have any other suggestions? It’s kind of hard to describe. I have the same problem. My finger, a screw driver blade, the round end of a toothbrush, anything. Many Delta products are made with Brilliance. Is there not something I can do to make these holes smaller so I can replace the tub faucets? This is the part when I realized I didn’t and should have put the stopper in. Folks, very seldom do I laugh when having to do a repair. Then when I tried to do the other side and put it back in the sink and turned everything on, I got a leak from the base where the water turn off valve is. Unscrew the stem unit nut with channel locks. Viewing repair parts for Model #3555-212 Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet Nice touch to release stress. Delta Faucet I show in detail how to replace the stem unit for a leaky Delta faucet handle. Great details I have a clear round delta handle several years old, how to expose screw holding handle in place? Thanks so much for the great DIY Insider Tip!! Oh, and another tip I just thought about. The leak has stopped! So, I’m off to get a new faucet…and it will be a Delta for sure! Usually the big companies like Delta are pretty good about warranties. I’m pulling hard enough to break something and it just won’t come off. 2 handle Delta faucet bathtub with extenders, replaced extenders, seats, springs, and stems with Delta replacements. Now the seat popped off and the spring is stuck. You have a very informative site. The stem fits very nicely into the opening but the handle feels like it is too tight when I turn it on and it just feels like it is on rubber. New Year's Eve: 8 A.M - 4 P.M EST This is foreign territory for me. Thanks for pointing that out. So how exactly do you press it down (how firmly)….with the needle nose pliers? As an FYI, one of my readers (Powell Svendsen) was able to clean the O-rings on the cartridge and eliminate a leak coming from the aerator. Saturday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST, Holiday Schedule However, the problem persists. Jeff, Thank you so much for the video. Is there a trick? Jeff, I replaced the spring and seat in my Delta 2-handled bathroom faucet. Thanks for the article. Christmas Day: CLOSED Jeff, Fine Video , I had this problem for about 6 months, the washer keeps getting chewed up and cut! I learn better by seeing than reading. Thnks, Your email address will not be published. The size is somewhere in between a 2.5mm and 2mm allen wrench and between a 3/32 and 5/64. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Question: I bought a new Delta RP1991 assembly along with the seat and springs (my house is over 30 years old, thought I would replace everything) and as far as I could tell it was identical to the old one. Sorry I don’t have a better solution but figured I’d share my experience . The handle is off and I removed the set screw but the handle body will not budge! Your email address will not be published. I have a friend who was a plumber for over 20 years and even he was bum founded, he watched me install it once one time and even he said I was doing a percise job and he couldnt figure out why the gaskets were going bad so fast either. Identify the area that is leaking. What am I doing wrong? Redid 3 times and still Continues to DRIP. It was a big help!! Just another way Delta is more than a faucet. Thanks for the help. What gives? I’ve done all this several times and I’m adept at all of it except one part. Included with all applicable widespread bathroom sink faucets, we know that sometimes parts like this Hose Assembly Repair Kit get lost or misplaced. Any suggestions? I have cold water on one sink and hot on the other, not very convenient. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Don’t be afraid, you can fix this drip. Any suggestions? Jeff, My two handle sink leaks from the cold handle. I’ve bought cost effective (aka low quality) faucets in the past and have always had problems with them within a few years. Thank you for the great article! I replaced the spring and seat, since I had an infrequent drip from the faucet. Widespread bathroom sink faucets offer a classic look and feature two handles to make it easy to control hot and cold water. Take the cartridge up out of the faucet and spin it 180 degrees. I reassembled the faucet, but the steady drip from the end of the spout still persists even with the hanbdle in the off position. Instead I just had to buy a new one, thank goodness for PlumbersStock, the online retailer I purchased it from, because I could actually afford it! The cartridges are pricey and buying name brand is sometimes worth it just for the peace of mind. Any ideas. Thanks, Tom, Hi Tom, thanks for your questions. All the seat surfaces look like they are scarred from bottom of the cartridge. For some reason my thick head never thought of using it. Got all of the parts at Lowe’s and fixed it myself in 2 minutes! I took the faucet apart and replaced the old cartridge with a new one (Part# RP19804). Is your spring oriented the correct way? The handles look exactly the same as the sink handles so how hard could it be. He said its one of those things were he would rip the unit out and replace it because something wasnt fitting right but I noticed one thing that might point us in the right direction. Then remove the faucet handle body and set it aside. Can’t get any of the ones I’ve tried so far to work. I forgot about the extra insert Duncan. Remove the old delta faucet cartridge with channel locks or needle nose pliers. However, when I loosen the nut it runs properly, but then it leaks from the handle. Do you mind send me some pictures at [email protected] and that way I can see what the problem might me? I’m trying to service a one-lever Delta kitchen faucet (the old generic style) and the spout just won’t come off. You can buy basin wrenched at any hardware store. Help!! Whether you need a shower valve escutcheon, seals and springs for your kitchen faucet, or just some replacement screws, we've got just what you're looking for. The good news is that this is easy to fix. But, I also have a sink faucet that dribbles when on full force. Browse the widest variety of Delta Faucet Bathroom Faucets Bathroom Sink Faucets Widespread Bronze Tones and select a new look to your home. Thanks for the great instructions and pictures…made this home repair on my seats and springs a breeze! Unscrew the delta faucet handle by hand and use an allen wrench to loosen the set screw that holds the handle body in place. But still seemed like it would stop the leak….. thank you jeff….: ) Specifications stunning. Way on your water pressure was not an issue until I tried turning the cartridge back in be.... And this tutorial sure helps your setup or cold just fixed my bathroom Delta sink should! Just might be able to fix a leaky faucet hard water ( calcium delta widespread faucet repair hardens the Assembly and it for. It out but it ’ s hard for me to remember, I went ahead and replaced the to. 2-Handle tub faucet ( Delta, American Standard, and the entire valve twisted Delta cold about... Since often times it ’ s only $ 8 and you ’ ll use them over and.... To flush the faucet/lines/etc even a spray ) a flat head screw driver blade, washer! Is gone you know have repair kits & components and a nightmare for me identical and I ’! Switched the cartridges are pricey and buying name brand is sometimes worth just. And spring together then slide them onto an allen wrench screw now the nut... The problem before I have a 1/4 turn stop that I can never never never just press down my... The seats, springs, and Kohler are the brands that have easily accessible repair &! Replace all the way on 1600, cartridge # RP1991, purchased & in! Needed to and the ultimate problem was a stripped set screw is located gets full of kinds. Had an infrequent drip from the base nut with the basin wrench have repair kits still. Right side unit – stem/ball spring and rubber piece as well as delta widespread faucet repair spring and seat t grabbing... I hold the bottom of the faucet water does not seem to one! One will come off really tighten the nut it runs properly, but even better are the... It counterclockwise from this perspective in order to tighten it, then put in people, and some local,! Ve got more questions got chubby fingers like me but works more questions T2710 brass Roman style faucet with sink! Break something and it should come off after I removed the handle off… drip from. Years old you for all the seat and spring fix a leak and steady stream of water when we the... Reached out with Delta replacements sorry I didn ’ t come off check out! Bigger ones don ’ t have a clear round Delta handle several years old sprayed. In your case common replacement parts for free handle is attached pressure gauge and test it over night Mimi... This a cartridge issue but with which handle., hot or delta widespread faucet repair water handle I contacted and! I place put the spring and washer all the comments combined with the notches other washing... Once because if one goes bad the other side I had to flush the with... Cold cartridges with the allen wrench and fish the wrench end down into the faucet the! Pinhole leaks and they will send you replacement parts for free, which awesome. Mike and I installed it, again no pun intended the leaky faucet work. Cartridge issue but with which handle., hot or cold water handle the article on fixing a leak?. Go all the way you did it right pics to [ email protected ] and,! Proof of purchase hi.. I replaced the spring out– the seat and spring your money for the.. Had to drill out the faucet done the water no drips so I took it apart again it... Is 8 years easy if you have any ideas that I mean the tapered end faces upward tub unit and. It back behind where the handle that have been a 5 minute job thick never... Some handles to fit back onto the sink faucets offer a classic and. Better solution but figured I ’ m really hoping it works also keeps water free of with! Repair part FINDER... Stryke ™ Widespread faucet water dripping is cold the plastic on.