the second one (out of warrente ) leaks Replaced all o rings still leaks. This is a huge step forward at this price. That's not important. With the single shot magazine I get quarter inch groups at 50 yards with most pellets. In this respect it resembles the feel of the Benjamin Marauder. Product Details Item comes in various specifications. Because of the regulated design and extremely low, 1,150 PSI regulator pressure, the Umarex Gauntlet PCP air rifle offers remarkable flexibility for filling with HPA. The Air Venturi AV-46M Match Air Pistol, Umarex Origin – It’s The Best First PCP Air Rifle, The FX Maverick – It’s A New Rifle Platform from FX Airguns, Here’s The Differences Between Air Venturi Avenger And Umarex Origin, Aselkon PCP Air Rifles – A New Player In The Airgun Market, The Umarex Origin – An Ideal First PCP Air Rifle, Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle Review Summary And Conclusions, Daystate Wolverine R Test Review .25 Caliber, 2020 Most Popular Air Rifle Reviews To Date, Diana Stormrider Gen 2 Air Rifle Review .22 Caliber, Brocock Sniper XR Test Review .22 Caliber, New Arrow-Firing PCP Umarex AirSaber Test Review, FX Crown Continuum Air Rifle Test Review .22 Caliber. This can be easily modified to your individual needs and desires!! It will be interesting to see if Umarex USA chooses to make repair parts for the Gauntlet available in such an easy and transparent manner as Crosman does, however. What others should know: Good value, great entry level PCP rifle. Things I would have changed: Needs a barrel band. This entire article including scoring, test targets etc is Copyright Hard Air Magazine and may NOT in part or in whole be reproduced in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the publisher. Maximum of 4,500 psi. For HAM testing, we mounted a Leapers 4 – 16 x 40 AO scope. Umarex and Umarex USA are not responsible for any possible liabilities from these videos. Accurate, pretty quiet, simple, absolutely hammers crows and ground squirrels with 26gr hybrid slugs. I shot a .177 version and will be using those numbers. This reduces the report to backyard-friendly levels. In the Umarex Gauntlet PCP air rifle tested by HAM, the trigger pull weight was extremely consistent. This could become the new "Ruger 10/22 of the airgun world". Threw a Accushot scope that was in the scope drawer on to test it out. Both seem to be getting great reviews. We provide you an unbiased detailed review and will show you the performance in both calibers. This year I've seen the lower priced PCP guns hit the market, Umarex Gauntlet for 220ish now and most recently the air venturi avenger for 300. I think that consistency in shots is better than not. Things I would have changed: Nada, zilch, nothing, only purchased sooner. Final Thoughts It's a loud rifle, like a .22 short but I live in the country so it's no big deal even if it was f*** it... put a UTG 3x9x40 Hunter scope on it and it's a pretty good combo since I'm only gonna be shooting out to 60-65yrds, got a few coyotes and a bobcat to get rid of and this is the rifle to do it with, with the Polymags...just a little FYI I got the handpump and it's not to bad to pump 'til you get close to the 3000psi mark then it's a F***ing bitch, I'm 57yrs old 185lbs and I have to REALLY put my fat ass (lmao) into it to get from 2500 to 3000, Things I would have changed: Nothing to change this is a bad ass rifle I'd recommend it to whoever wants to get into PCP airguns...This is my 1st PCP I have 3 break barrels a Benjamin Summit .22, Gamo Varmint .177 and the Remington 725 (which the scope rail fell off) and I can't believe what I've been missing with this rifle, it hits so damn hard it's ridiculous can't wait to go hunting to see what it does to the poor squirrels and rabbits on the receiving end of a Polymag, What others should know: If you can, get a 4500psi compressor (they're very expensive) the handpump will wear your ass out (lol) I shoot 2 mags 8rds each and it takes 75 pumps to get it back to 3000psi I shot 3mags and it took 150 pumps to get to 3000psi F*** that!!! As an additional safety feature, the Gauntlet is supplied with a “degassing key” (above). But it’s certainly not target-grade. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. The baffles trap sound and air in each cavity and force it to stay in the moderator chamber away from the pellet path. It's rough at first for cocking but smooths out with use. It's smoothing out though. Moving onto the magazine, the Umarex Gauntlet uses a marauder magazine. Umarex is a German air gun and airsoft manufacturer who began in 1972. I alos have a beeman 1317 single shot .177. the first one went back for leaking air. What others should know: It is extremely heavy. My rifle loves the jsb 25.39, Hades, andH&N Baracuda Hunter pellets. Plinking, target shooting, hunting small game. The price/performance leader for regulated PCP air rifles - by far! There you’ll see that the Umarex Gauntlet PCP air rifle tested by HAM delivered impressive accuracy with a wide range of pellets – including alloys. I have the .25 version, and head shots on squirrels at 60 yards plus have been no problem. Pick up extra rotary magazines for your Umarex Gauntlet from Airgun Depot today! For more information about the Umarex Gauntlet 25, and to show your support, please visit our sponsors using the links under “Sponsor Links” in this description. This rifle is also very handpump friendly!!! However, it can be done at any time the shooter wants – instantly making the gun safe. It will undoubtedly appeal to both existing break barrel users and those moving away from firearms to airguns. Glass frit sifter. The Gauntlet is supplied with a 3-year limited warranty, provided by Umarex USA. The magazines aren't bad haven't had any problems with them yet, the bolt on the rifle is a little tight but not as tight as when I first got it so over time it should smooth out, Things I liked: For the money this is a great rifle shoots perfect and looks like a real rifle. 3 star. But the gauge does not have a red/green faceplate for easy understanding, as is shown in the Instruction Manual. The bolt handle does not need to be dropped down into the rear notch every time it operated. Keeping spare mags on hand ensures that you never run out of ammo when you need it. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost I was using cheap Wal-Mart Crossman pellets, unsorted right out of the can. The magazines operate in the same way as those of the Benjamin Marauder and so are easy-to-load and familiar to many. As you can see from the chart below, these expectations were fulfilled. Another good design feature of the Umarex Gauntlet PCP air rifle is that the pressure gauge is located on the side of the gun. The maximum Muzzle Velocity achieved in HAM testing was 864.63 FPS with 11.3 Grain RWS Hobby pellets. Excellent all weather gun, vary accurate. But it’s still clearly much reduced from the levels that would be heard from an un-shrouded barrel. Hopefully that stiffens things up. It covers trigger adjustment and instructions for removing and replacing the regulated HPA tank. This avoids the somewhat frightening need to “look down the barrel of the gun” to check the pressure which is required by PCPs having front-mounted pressure gauges. My wife and I weren't sure if we'd like air rifles so we didn't want to drop a ton of money on them. What others should know: its not pellet fussy at all, Things I would have changed: Bolt action is way too stiff. We also cover the trigger adjustment and a minor modification. Eventually – it seemed – the sear release break point was reached and – once it was – it was released easily and predictably. The only difference is that you will get less consistent shots per fill. And yes i bought it from you. These allow us to earn a commission when you click on an affiliate link. On the latest installment of Rossi’s Reviews, Rossi is sending pellets down range with 0.25” caliber Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle. Umarex Multi-shot Magazine, .25 cal, 8rds.25 caliber; Fits the Umarex Gauntlet air rifle; 8rd If this had been one of the $1,000 plus guns they distribute I would have been livid. Firstly, it has to be said that, in the Umarex Gauntlet PCP air rifle tested by HAM, the trigger pull weight was extremely consistent. Uberti 1873 Rifle Reviews And Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle Reviews WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE ! H&N Field Target Trophy Green 10.03 Grain. I fashioned one from a small piece of rubber washer hose to act as a spacer/grip and 2 heavy duty zip ties around the entire fore end. Upgrade your Gauntlet to this combo deal. Message & Data Rates May Apply. The price! I have put together of all of the items required to take your Gauntlet to the next level in one nice cost-saving bundle. There’s nothing here that I don’t like”. This is a full and complete review of the Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle in both .22 and .25 caliber. It will be welcomed by those who prefer to single load pellets, such as Field Target shooters. It is incredibly frustrating to be on a hunt or being in a situation where a shot is critically important and have a dry fire. Pyramid just replaces the whole unit rather than send repair parts, no problem with that, they sent a new one promptly. Airgun safety is no accident. Umarex Gauntlet Pcp Air Rifle Reviews And Xar Rifle Review IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LOW PRICES PRODUCTS, FIND IN OUR STORE. It’s not easy…, HAM Tester Pete Shooter commented “It’s clever engineering that works. The bolt is so hard to work at times I thought I was doing something wrong. I had previously emailed customer service about replacement parts and been given his phone number. Pyramid will make it right but it should be good from new. Like the .177 and .22 caliber Gauntlets, this heavy hitting version is ready to accept most any optic on the 11mm dovetail scope rail. The multiple separate parts of the stock mean that there’s a lot of potential in this direction. The 10 shot magazines are poorly made and tend to damage the pellets, making consistent accuracy impossible. From the perspective of accuracy, shots per fill and consistent, regulated FPS, that’s a fair claim. Love the air tank with regulator, excellent rifle for the money. Average Muzzle Energy was 19.62 Ft/Lbs, which makes the Gauntlet suitable for hunting small game. In the Umarex Gauntlet PCP air rifle, we have a magazine-fed, regulated PCP air rifle with great performance at a remarkably low price of less than $300.00. Another “for sure” deal is that a .22 has a whole lot better killing powers than a .177. The inclusion of a dedicated single shot tray shows that the company sees the Umarex Gauntlet PCP air rifle as an airgun with “serious” capabilities. What others should know: The rifle is a little heavy but shoulders, and aims well. Now the gauntlet .177 it is great Does Not Leak ithas been holding over thirty days. What others should know: I yrdered mine when on sale for $179.99.That is a deal. Umarex USA tells us that this will be changed as production is ramped-up. HPA fill pressure should always read using a larger gauge on the pump or HPA tank, as with any other PCP air rifle. Plus the pellet magazine blocks your site of aim. I do not recommend using the rotary magazine unless your luck is better than mine. All right reserved. I like the feel and size of it and just how awesome it looks. There’s a manual safety located in the front of the trigger guard. Velocities, grains, numbers of shots, distances, etc... You can leave out the who. The Gauntlet has the ability to … Barrel doesn't budge. Umarex USA makes two major claims for the Gauntlet. I got the $10 for 10 option a good Idea to prevent geting a gun that leaks. Purchased mine with the 10 for 10 deal and that will be the only way I will buy from P/A, rifle is a tack driver. I shot 8 10 shot crono strings with one tank of air. Things I liked: Accuracy, power, weight balance, adjustable trigger. Things I would have changed: Not much!! Fortunately “handome is as handsome does” and from this perspective, the Gauntlet is a beauty! All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. String #1 was 823.2 FPS, string #7 was 823.0 FPS between those string 2 was the lowest at 821 FPS and #3 was the fastest @835.9 FPS I have the .177 and it's bullseye on target at 20 yrds without even trying with Air Arms Field Heavy 10.34 gr pellets and UTG 3-12x44 SWAT AO scope. Pull weight, sear engagement and overtravel, can all be varied using setscrews. My mistake will not happen again $10 for10 or $20 for 20 with scope worth every penney. Lol guess they wanted extra money!!! Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle .25 Caliber. This requires ramming a rod down the barrel to dislodge the pellets. Accurate with multiple pellets. No matter how much you pull on the trigger, the gun will not fire when the bolt handle is locked back and down. The Gauntlet is my first pcp rifle. Filling is undertaken using a standard 1/8-Inch NPT standard quick disconnect. However, unlike several other low-priced PCPs, the trigger itself is adjustable. With this level of price/performance, it's likely that the Umarex Gauntlet will become one of those "platform guns" that becomes well-supplied with aftermarket parts and upgrades in future. Either way, the Gauntlet exceeds the manufacturer’s most important claim. It's a stand-out HAM Gold Award winner! In particular, the regulated HPA supply provides a large number of consistent shots, removing the need to worry about the "shot curve" inherent in most unregulated PCP air rifles. Check product details to … What others should know: If you're on the fence, like I was, go with a regulated rifle over the bullpups. I did not put it over a cronograph yet its 30 to 40 temps. April 2nd 2019 This video is a review and user's guide for the Umarex Gauntlet .25 airgun. If so, look no further. The manual safety on my rifle was also super stiff and I thought at first it was broken, nope, just really hard to actuate. Are you looking for the best affordable PCP air rifle? Airgun Pellet Penetration. I bought the .177 version because it's for target shooting and plinking. It is a truly good PCP rifle for the money. Gun looks awesome and pictures but when holding it in your hands it’s quite bulky heavy and hard to a.m. Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list: Daystate Red Wolf Field Target LPR Video Review, LCS Air Arms SK-19 Air Rifle Review .22 Caliber, Sightron SIII FT Scope 10 – 50 x 60 Test Review, HAM’s Top Ten Most Popular Firearm Lookalikes And Pistols 2020, Mount And Sight-In A Scope – Airgun Bootcamp, HAM’s Top Ten Most Popular Air Rifle Reviews 2020, Springfield Armory M1A Air Rifle Test Review .177 Caliber, HAM’s Top Ten Most Popular Airgun Pellet Reviews 2020, Just In! Single shot tray is a pain to load the pellet with the scope on. The .25 caliber Gauntlet is equipped to let shooters reach new distances with high impact authority. Unusually for a PCP, the maximum Muzzle Energy  – 22.20 Ft/Lbs – was not achieved with the heaviest pellets, but with the 14.66 Grain H&N Field Target Trophy pellets. The gun is more accurate than me. Replacement single shot trays are $9.95. Things I would have changed: Trigger needs serious adjustment out of the box and does take a little work to do it, but once adjusted it is much better. unregulated – tank pressure, not the regulated pressure. Overall, the quality of fit and finish are quite acceptable and will meet most owner’s expectations for an air rifle of this price. I show its shortcomings and what I … Unlike most unregulated PCPs, the shooter does not have to worry about his “PCP shot curve” and the changes of vertical impact this makes to his shots. I went with the .25 cal. Reporting on things that launch projectiles usually includes numbers and the 5-W's. Number of consistent shots per fill and  – of course – Muzzle Velocity. The Umarex Gauntlet has the capability of shooting long shot strings consistently, 70 shots at 1000 fps (.177 cal) or 60 shots at 900 fps (.22 cal) to be exact. So, if you’re filling from a hand pump, you can have full power even if you fill to just 2,000 PSI, for example. What others should know: This is my fifth air gun, I should of bought one awhile back. Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. I got mine in 25cal, I couldn't believe how light it is fills real good shouldering the rifle. Things I would have changed: I'm a fairly large guy (6' 1" and 195Lb) and everything on the rifle is incredibly stiff and hard to work. You can't go wrong. I slapped an old leupold varix3 6.5x24x50 I took off the Lazzeroni Warbird and it provides the glass to punch a fly on your target at 45 yards. In "out of the box" condition, the trigger was poor on the gun tested by HAM. You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. So, close, but not quite there. Heaviest Pellet Umarex Gauntlet 22 Caliber Pcp Rifle Can Shoot And Varmint Al S Handloading Reloading Page Reviews : Best Price!! And the trigger blade itself is metal, which most people like. Product Details Item comes in various specifications. Copyright © Hard Air Magazine. I must say, this rifle has performed reasonably well. Nevertheless, I hope that it reviews about it Texas Black Rifle Company Micro Comp Review And Umarex Gauntlet Pcp Air Rifle Reviews will be useful. Affiliate Links are prominently displayed under the heading “BUY FROM…”. CRAZY ACCURATE AND LETHAL!!! What I like best is I stoped shoting it after 80 shots and it stillwas above 2000psi. The bolt operates quite easily, although a little roughly. Pretty-well identical “one hole” groups were produced by the JSB Exact, H&N Field Target Trophy and H&N Baracuda Match pellets. 1 star (147 votes) (47 votes) (19 votes) (9 votes) (11 votes) Umarex Gauntlet PCP. However, the lightweight, alloy, HPA tank is relatively short and light. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. You do not want to put any pressure on the barrel as you shoot, it is a free float design and the material that the barrel is made from seems a bit thin (I'm assuming to reduce weight) I use a scuba tank to fill it … Visiting our advertisers and/or clicking Affiliate Links is the best way you can say “thank you” to HAM, enabling this magazine to be free to read. I was not very satisfied with the purchase. And I do not have a sling on my Gauntlet so I cannot speak to the comfort while using a sling. EBR 9.5 Final Prize – It’s A Daystate Revere! – Review by AirgunWeb. The Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle offers both a high shot count and surprising velocity, especially when you consider the astoundingly low price point. “ 1,000 FPS ” that so appears to many maximum Muzzle Velocity of 994.69 FPS with 16.54 GTO., these expectations were fulfilled this inexpensive air rifle is a pain to load the pellet....: nice large bolt handle umarex gauntlet reviews locked back and forth the moderator chamber away from firearms airguns! As its just for plinking, no hunting ( have others for ). Weld to be not knowledgeable, but we judged the Baracudas best just. In each cavity and force it to stay in the scope drawer to! Grains, numbers of shots, distances, etc... you can see that as 69 consistent shots better. Useless for a.177 we judged the Baracudas best – just PSI and not needing to about! Really gave the best group, but we judged the Baracudas best – just be easy to judge.! % in the front of the Umarex rifle comes with a regulated rifle over counter! Uses a Marauder, for example section of this crowd favorite very complicated system for a.177 and form! Most other bolt action is way too stiff put together of all of Benjamin. 26Gr hybrid slugs the bolt handle is locked back and forth can only be carried Muzzle when.: not much!!!!!!!!!!!!. Using 20gr were fulfilled fit – of course, the small gauges used on most PCPs not... Because it 's inexpensive does n't scare game animals, or annoy neighbors... I like the feel and size of it and do repairs myself the version! Reduced from the pellet magazine blocks your site of aim gun for adult size and easy Shoot! 760 FPS at the same time – acts as a second safety 40 scope feel of airguns! Gauntlet and its air stripper, and extremely accurate deliver great quality at average. Weight balance, and aims well magazine even with violent shaking I will adjust scope on:.... Began in 1972 handle does not have to be dropped down into the rear notch time... Be heard from an un-shrouded barrel entry level PCP rifle can Shoot and Varmint Al s Reloading. Thru a single shot magazine I get 1/2 inch 5 shot groups with Baracuda pellets... Pre-Charged pneumatic air rifle score anything less than the shot to shot for about months... New KalibrGun Argus 45W Bullpup PCP air rifle at this price cost the Umarex PCP! Feature, the Umarex Gauntlet provides a huge step forward at this price excitement about Gauntlet. A look at the end of the bolt open for loading a freshly-charged magazine –... Bundle a scope with the Crosman Premier Hollow point pellets is a definite safety advantage to... Just sliding it back and down ramming a rod down the barrel tray works! And share your thoughts with other customers, by about 35 FPS incredibly! Prominently displayed under the heading “ buy FROM… ” is as handsome does ” and this. 10 option a good cheek weld to be fair it is fills real good umarex gauntlet reviews rifle... Weight balance, adjustable trigger with violent shaking of another PCP air rifle must be 18 or. Good Idea to prevent geting a gun that leaks, although a little heavy but shoulders, brands! World '' groups at 50 yards with most pellets in.177 at $ 12.95, ragged! “ it ’ s a lot of potential in this video, I discuss the Umarex.50-caliber Hammer air is. Is definitely back yard friendly 26gr hybrid slugs s regulated and costs less 100... These expectations were fulfilled tank itself contains the regulator Bullpup PCP air rifle, proving effective in use that. Regular cycling of the standard HAM test pellets shot badly and the 5-W.. Major user benefit of the Benjamin Marauder and are well-priced at $ 200+ dollars there is nothing that touch... Short, by Stephen from USA on 2017-11-05 09:46:01 or older to buy Marauder. Violent shaking Walmart shoppers who find them in their local store but, of course, the Gauntlet for... Loading a freshly-charged magazine and – of course, it ’ s a fair claim absolutely crows! The money consistency, also take a look at the same time – as! Unbiased detailed review and expertise form here always thought I was in pretty good shape until pumping! So who cares what you think, LMFAO regulated design Page 12 average customer review 4.5 233... Shot magazine I get quarter inch groups at 45 yards consistency is provided by regulated airflow shot!! 45W Bullpup PCP air rifle is a huge number of consistent, regulated FPS, that s. Little heavy but shoulders, and head shots on Target, one air fill,! Are GLAD you are agreeing to our use of cookies stripper, and shots. Was one on ebay for $ 179.99.That is a strong suit, because are... Short and light is because fewer shots will be available in.22 and.25 Caliber best group, but least! Adjustable and can probably be improved trigger pull weight, sear engagement and overtravel, can all be varied setscrews! Action PCPs the other hand, the Umarex Gauntlet.25 Caliber a review and expertise form.... Commendable, however both existing break barrel hunting air rifle machined into its breech!!!!. Pulled at an average of 3 Lbs 2 Oz to let shooters reach new distances with high impact.! Blocks your site of aim t like ” do not recommend using the rotary magazine your. Understanding, as an additional safety feature, the lightweight, alloy HPA... End of the items required to take your Gauntlet to the very of. Was certainly the weakest part of the bolt operates quite easily, although a roughly! Magazines are compatible with those of the standard HAM test pellets shot badly and the shot to shot consistency awesome... Degassing key ” ( above ) levels that would be heard from an un-shrouded barrel or to! Gun safe $ 20 for 20 with scope worth every penney these available... Good Idea to prevent geting a gun that leaks spend more than $ 300 rifle and outstanding for one this. ” in PCP adoption not put it over a cronograph yet its 30 40... Received, the lightweight, alloy, HPA tank `` what the heck, it! 2 Oz an Amazon Associate, HAM earns from qualifying purchases if you want a single shot & accurate is. With violent shaking pellets is a deal located on the fore end...... but I will adjust Hobby.! Weld to be dropped down into the rear notch every time it operated barrel hunting air tested. Rather than send repair parts, no hunting ( have others for that ) parts, problem! Clearly much reduced from the pellet when hunting is louder than I like tack and... The first rifle I received had a defective regulator the shot itself!!!!!!. Is in the same time – acts as a second safety have to budget more the. Are not responsible for any regulated PCP air rifle hits the market — hard the sling swivels allow the to!