Australia has the highest rate of extinction which means the clock is ticking for wombats too. These herbivores subsist … primarily on grasses and roots. If you can give Wombat the burrow she is seeking submit an application form to adopt … $30 $50 $100 $500 $1,000 $ GiveNow. She will require a quieter area for her new home. The main focus is of course wombats. Our aim is to rescue, raise, rehabilitate and release these wombats in our care back into the wild to live as healthy free living wombats. PO Box 538, Cessnock, NSW 2325 +61 429 482 551. Wombats are found in the forests and mountains of Southeastern Australia and Tasmania. You can play a vital role in helping us make a difference. For Wombats dangers include: destruction of their natural habitat, competition for land and food, predators such as dingoes and humans, parasite infection (mange), floods, fire, drought and cars. Please contact us with any enquiries. A wombat joey can live up to 5 days inside the pouch AFTER the mother has died. This involves everything from four-hourly feeds for pinkies (baby wombats, so called because they're still pink and hairless) to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured adult wombats. NARG is a community organisation located in the Braidwood region of the Southern Tablelands of NSW. By sponsoring our animals, you can help us to buy milk for our pinkies, provide food for the adults, and continue to … wombat[email protected] About Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc. & Hospital. for us to raise an orphaned wombat. One-off Donation One-off Regular Donation Regular. Adopt an animal at Moonlit Sanctuary and aid their conservation and well being. Founded in 2002 by Bill and Les Waterhouse, Majors Creek Wombat Refuge (MCWR) has been rescuing and caring for injured and orphaned wombats for almost two decades. She has shown to be wonderful indoors and will be happy resting on her bed for a few hours. We are not open to public viewing. Based in Kangaroo Valley NSW, The Wisdom Wombat Refuge is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing orphaned joey wombats and injured wombats. Wombats are nocturnal creatures with strong legs and foreclaws, and they use their teeth and claws to dig extensive burrow systems. Wombat has proved her love for toys and likes to collect them around her in her nest. Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue is an entirely volunteer run organisation. PHONE: 0429 482 551 EMAIL: wombat[email protected] MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 538, Cessnock, NSW 2325 Rescuers checking dead or injured wombats should always check for a joey. We currently provide day-to-day care for 50-70 animals on site at our Southern Highlands Shelter (2.5 hours from Sydney), some are permanent residents, others are waiting to be adopted or undergoing medical care. Donna Stepan OAM* is the proud operator of Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary. NARG hosts a wildlife rescue hotline that is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the general public to report wild animals in need of assistance. Over 30 years ago, Roz and Kev Holme recognised the plight of the bare nosed wombat. The rehabilitation time for injured adults can vary from a few months to a few years and therefore so does the cost. The sanctuary, which is situated on acreage near the idyllic village of Gundaroo (NSW), was established in 2004. Wombat Rescue Mange Treatment for Wombats.